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I have a Kustom KHS 4640 4 source/6 zone system which no longer works properly. I have looked and apparently Kustom no longer exists ( bought by Nuvo) and this unit is no longer available. My question is do you know if this is repairable and who might do it. Does anyone know if these units are still available anywhere that I might replace it. I tried ebay with no luck.

The problem is when you turn on a zone, the source lights do not light and you can only hear channel A coming through. You cannot change the source. Anyone ever experience this problem?

Also, if this cannot be fixed or replaced, what would you recommend to replace it. I have cat 5 at each wall controller. I also had the actual speaker wires routed through the controller box and then directly to the speakers in each zone just in case I ever needed access to the actual speaker wires at the controller units.

Any help would be appreciated.



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If you've got CAT5 to the wall controllers and speaker wire only from there you can drop-in a Russound A-Bus system. If you've got CAT5 to the controllers and speaker wire from the central point directly to the speakers you can drop in all the non-A-Bus systems from Russound and systems from several other companies like Niles. I don't think anyone makes an 'inexpensive' 6 zone system. The A-bus solutions are typically four source/four zone and expansion doesn't increase the number of zones; just the keypads. A six-zone Russound CA6.4 might be suitable.

As for what's wrong with your current setup, can you isolate that it's not the wiring or a given keypad? As in, disconnect them all at the source and debug them one at a time by connecting only one and testing it. Repeat for each zone. And if you find the culprit try one of the other keypads in it's place. This to test whether it's the wire, the keypad or the port on the controller.

You might also want to contact a local home audio installer. They might have back stock, swaps or other inventory that might help fix the current setup.

-Bill Kearney

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