having audio problems on new system please help

Hi- For the last 2 weeks I have noticed a random audio dropout during ABC's Monday Night Football. It lasts about 3 seconds and then the audio pops back on with a crackle. This occured while watching the game through direct antenna feed and antenna via Dish Network 811 HD receiver. It was only once during the game both this week and last week.

Last week during he fox drama "House" my wife and I both noticed an occasional crackle, but no dropout. I watch tons of TV and have not noticed this on other channels or sources. My system info:

TV - Sony LCD rear projection Model # KDF60XS955 AV Receiver - Yamaha HTR5860 Satellite receiver - Dish Network Model 811

5.1 speaker system by JAMO Antenna - Standard rooftop

Please help because my system is new and I'm also new to the HD scene. Everything was professionally installed. Any advice appreciated.

Thank you.

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Ethan Winer

Some suggestions:

Make sure all of the connections are tight.

For RCA type connections - check for oxidation. If they're other than

shiny - clean them - a pencil eraser works but there are products made

to do this too.

If any component is not new, open the case and clean out the inevitable

dust using canned air. (Don't violate any warranty provisions though.)

Of course, if there was lightning anywhere (even many miles away - even

so far that you couldn't see it) it could have caused the crackling.

Good hunting...

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