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I just moved a nitsuko phone system to an office across the street. now I get what sounds like a modem answering intermittently, no specific pattern but often enough to be annoying.

What I would like to do is to be able to call the # until the modem answers and decipher what it is saying.

Possible ? what should I use to do this ?

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Depending on what is answering it may be a proprietary protocol.

Check for any alarm or HVAC systems that might be either half-tapped or in series on one of the lines.

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Rich Piehl

Alarm systems are often set to answer automaticaly on the second call immediately AFTER the line has rung once or twice. In other words, for the alarm modem to answer, you call the line, let it ring once, then hang up and call back right away- the modem will answer.

If that is what it is, you can probably make it happen on demand to prove it. If it happens a lot, you can move the alarm to a less-used line, but be sure it get's wired properly.


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Charles P.

Alarm systems answering the line is a real sore spot for me. Over the years this has happened quite a lot. Not to hard to diagnose but very hard to get the alarm company to acknowledge and fix. The twit answering the phone at the alarm company will, being trained in the Bell company school of customer service, assure the customer that this cannot happen. That their equipment has a failure rate of once every thousand years, and since a thousand years has not passed yet, that they have had no failures. And threating dire penalities and charges if their highly trained and paid repairman has to come out and get his hair mussed and the problem is not theirs. Then the customeris intimidated and we have to go out again. Once finally repaired the problem is blamed on sunspots.


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