ZoneLabs and E-Bay

Ok - it is driving me Nuts!
If I turn ZoneLabs firewall off I can see the pics on e-bay, with it on I
cannot. I have added e-bay to ok sites and don't see any other changes I can
What am I missing?
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You have the solution already.
Yours, VB.
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Volker Birk
Your adding of eBay is to the Security/SiteList, right? If so, eBay uses several urls--five, I think. Look for anything with ebay in the url on ZA's Privacy/SiteList window and see if web bugs are enabled. They need to be (and enabling private headers for helps with other eBay issues). Mobile Code, Session and Persistent Cookies should also be enabled but not any of the 3rd Party Cookies.
For what it's worth, assuming that there's a difference between versions of ZA, the above works for me using ZA Pro's current version (6.0.667.000). With my ZAP, almost all of the above was automatic--the only setting I had to edit to "enabled" was the private header issue, and that may have nothing to do with photos. As I remember, the private header enabling was to allow things like eBay's "Keep me signed in on this computer" functional.
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PS: Have eBay open in another window when you check [and potentially edit] your ZA Security Site List settings.
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