ZA Pro and EZ AV monitoring

I'm running ZAP v5.0.590.043 also, and it doesn't properly detect Avast! antivirus either. I feel confident that Avast! is working normally. Hopefully the next ZAP upgrade will solve the antivirus monitoring problems. You could check in the Zonelabs web forum for additional information (just do a google search for a link).

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is a Computer Associate Product. consisting of both the firewall and the antivirus. Look at their site.Under this they sell their renamed copy of Zone Alarm which incidentally still shows up as Zone in the registry. Computer Associates has a deal with Zone which uses and sells CA's antivirus program. Also CA through Cablevision sells the Zone and EZ antivirus package for $29.99 to Cable Vision subscribers under the EZ names.

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I just upgraded to Zone Alarm Pro v 5.0.590.043 and it mainly seems to be working ok.

Problem is that the Anti Virus monitoring feature says that its monitoring my EZ antivirus but action is required because the antivirus is not running. It tells me to turn on antivirus. But EZ AV is running (boot, file and e-mail monitoring is functioning). It also says that the antivirus files are out of date, but they are not. The program autoupdates every 24 hours and to make sure i have been using the auto download feature but Zone Alarm still says they are out of date. According to the FAQ at Zonelabs, EZ AV is compatible with Zonealarm so what could be the cause of this? Any help appreaciated.

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Thanks for the replies, according to people on the zone labs forum this is a problem for others as well. Hopefully a future release of the sorware will sort it out.

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