WMS with PIX 515 7.1

We recently installed a new Windows 2003 server with IIS, Exchange, and WMS. It is sitting behind a PIX 515 with the newest Security Appliance Software 7.1(1) installed.

Our internal network here at our warehouse is 192.168.4.x with the WMS server at We have a point to point VPN set up with each of our branch offices on a 192.168.(storenumber).x IP scheme. The way the ACLs are set up, all traffic is permitted between stores regardless of ports. We are able to view streaming media on the WMS server when we are connecting from a computer on the 192.168.4.x network. However, we can not view it from any of the computers on the other networks.

We disabled MMS and RTSP and enabled HTTP and it worked fine without any problems. We wanted to make sure the machine was serving up requests successfully.

We also have a block of five static IP addresses. One of these addresses is port forwarding through the PIX to the WMS server. I currently have the following ports enabled for WMS: TCP 80 TCP 1755 UDP 1755 TCP 554 UDP 554 UDP 5005 UDP 5004 UDP Range 1024-5000 We can not access the WMS server from the public IP address either.

I have switched out the Cisco PIX with a basic Linksys router and forwarded ports 554 and 1755 and it works perfectly fine. Through the PIX we are able to use HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and several other protocols without any problems. It just seems to be some type of conflict between the PIX and the WMS.

The only idea I have left to try is switching the PIX with an older backup that is running the 6.3 software to see if there is a problem with 7.1 handling WMS requests.

If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

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Ben Jitima
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