PIX 515 email issues with FQD

Hi all we have a fully qualified domain name pointing at our PIX's outside interface from the Internet. Currently we are forwarding port 110 to our mail server (temporary solution).

The problem were having is that when were outside the company all work works fine using the FQDN as the incoming pop3 server, however when we're on the company LAN it doesn't work and we have to change it to the private LAN IP address of the mail server.

I'm guessing there is something to do with the PIX?

Any help will be greatly appreciated to resolve this.

Manu Thanks,


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Your correct - as far as I know, unless anyone else has got this working, the PIX won't allow this.

Who host's the DNS for your site? If you hosted your own DNS the PIX has a neat way of translating the DNS entries for hosts conencting via the Internet. Take a look at the static command here if you are using

6.3 code:-

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