Why does ZA give permissions without asking?

According the FAQs, ZoneAlarm is supposed to ask me before it allows anything to access the internet. Not so. Sometimes it gives programs permission without asking me. Sometimes those are programs I've never heard of, and didn't install. I have no idea where they came from. I didn't download nor install them, and have no idea how they obtained ZA permission! I'm not talking about some of the common processes such as Generic Host Process, LSA Shell, Windows Explorer, etc. I'm talking about bona fide application software that appears out of the blue, and obtains ZA permission automatically. I delete the ZA entries of course and it never returns (so far), but it remains a mystery where it came from, and how it obtained ZA permission without asking me. I suspect it's a bug in ZA, but can't be sure.

Yes, I have tested thoroughly for viruses, trojans, and spyware with the usual software but nothing is found. Anybody else have the same experience?

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How about some details of your operating system, ZA version and release and what these programs are. Have you also checked to see if you have ZA set to 'learn' mode? FWIW, I've never seen this behaviour in ZAP.



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