URL Filtering Protocol and how it works

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respect sir,

thank u for u r kind reply.

my problem is how to establish communication between firewall and url filtering server.

any protocol is working between them.

D> > how it works any body knows it.


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There are two predominate methods for URL filtering.

The first method and the most simple is to examine the URL being retrieved and compare it to a block list.

The second method is to visit the URL in question, examine the webpage/website for content and if appropriate, add the site to a block list.

The benefit of the first method is that ability to block inappropriate websites is instant however there is a high risk of having false positives. The benefit of the second method is that there is a far less chance of false positives, but the ability to block a website will not occur until the second attempt to visit the website in question.

Obviously the best approach is probably a combination of the two methods.

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Don Kelloway

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