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I just purchased and installed a new 2811 with 12.4. The firewall is shown as not part of the package. Called the vendor I bought it from an they recommended the 5510 as a seperate firewall. I'd rather have the F/W features turned on on the router. Found the references and white papers on the firewall feature set but my question is what do I need to enable it. Do I need to download a different IOS version or is it just a key thats needed to turn it on. I want it mainly for the URL blocking to keep a group of users off ebay and other sites. Any help appreciated.

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Rich Pierson
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Firewall feature sets are different IOS vers from regular IP, IP Plus, or Enterprise. So unless its already on there (you can do a show ver, and look it up on cisco), you need to download a new IOS for your hardware, and ensure that your hardware has enough memory, etc. Generally the firewall feature sets have higher requirements, so hopefully you router is good to go.

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The firewall option is part of the Advanced Security feature set. A new router will be licensed for this specific feature set or part of a bundle with this feature license at additional cost.

Ie. List price of regular Cisco2811 is $2495.00 List price of Cisco2811-SEC/K9 bundle is $3395.00

(yeah, I know, nobody pays list price).

Its a different IOS image that is to be licensed.

If you have Smartnet, you do get access to all images, and its up to you to put the image that is at the proper license level on the hardware...

Some hardware forces you (some of the switches). Some doesn't. There aren't any PAKs for the 2811, (ie. license key strings). Its a different image.

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Doug McIntyre

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