Symantec Client Firewall - setting up secure Emule

Hey fellows, I have a XP Home system with Symantec Client Firewall runnning - and it seems quite good!

I also have the eMule application running - please can anyone tell me how to set up a good rule in Symantec so that I keep out hackers and at the same time get my downloads? Thanks Mike

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I have NIS on XP and it works well. there are two rules you want for sure in this order (this is your local stuff) 1) all to/from tcp+udp (your LAN for file/print sharing)

2) allow to/from thru 0.255 tcp+udp

do not port forward anything from your router and things should be fine. if you get prompted allow program xxx.exe to access the internet? make your choice and let it autoconfigure.

eg: your browser & email programs should be allowed

some xyz.ocx (ActiveX) or xyz.exe you've never heard of --- maybe/maybe not.

MS/xp has several services that need access too svchost lsass spoolsv (for print sharing) smss (file sharing)

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