VPN drops frequently

Hi All, could someone please shed light on the following problem, driving me bonkers!

I have a VPN client connection to a Watchguard SOHO 6tc firewall router external I.P 83.141.xxx.xx This is on a broadband line which internet etc seems to work fine.

Behind the router is a server 2003 box with IP address The default gateway is the router/firewall

I can connect fine to the VPN and it works ok for about 5 minutes (sometimes shorter)

If I run a ping -t from my client PC at home it works fine for a few minutes then drops the connection. This will not reconnect unless I re-try with the client. NB: This doesn't matter if there is traffic on the VPN tunnel or it is just sitting idle.

My home PC is windows XP SP 2 and has the firewall enabled with ports

1723 TCP, 51 TCP and 500 UDP.

I runa belkin wireless router at home also and have opened the ports up on this aswell using the virtual server feature on the web interface of the modem.

(Note: this is probably an irrelevant setting as the dropping of connection seems to be the same for all home clients who are trying to keep a connection)

Can anyone help with what this may be? I'm open to all suggestions.....

Cheers Craig Mrbungle50

PS: Can anyone let me know how to connect this firewall as a permanent VPN between itself and a Cisco 828 box? we have this box in the states and I wanta permanent link set up between the two. both have fixed external IP and differing internal IP subnets.

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