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I have recently had need to implement a blocked IP address (to test a software development issue, FWIW) on my Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Firewall-Router only to discover that my carefully configured rule failed to work properly. (Now I did my due diligence only to discover many are experiencing the same issues and not *good* link or FAQ's have remedied this problem which seems to effect many Linksys brand devices.)

My firmware is current. I flushed my DNS cache (ipconfig /flushdns). Not interested in trying hacked/alternate firmware(s). I contacted Tech "support". No joy from the offered script-reading technician.

I would like some recommendations on other brands of firewall-routers that work as sold to block an IP address.

Netgear? Buffalo? DLink?

Looking in the $100 range.

Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.


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Which hardware version? What settings did you try?

Good. Have you tried a factory reset and reconfiguring it?

That has nothing to do with the blocking.

Why not? They give you far better control than the stock firmware.

Try e-mail instead. I eventually always got through to a real technician through e-mail.


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Gerald Vogt

The flush was one of the KB/forum remedies I discovered. Meh.

Yes on all the resets and such.

Hardware version 1.1

If not too likely to kill the box entirely, please suggest some good firmwares and I may try them with your comment so compelling.

Thanks again.


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Are you trying to block an outgoing IP or an incoming IP?

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Rick Merrill

I would suggest a real FW appliance solution like Watchguard, Snapgear, Sonicwall, Cisco and others.

You can get anyone of them used with full warrantee and 90 day support at a fraction of the original price from a reputable dealer for the appliances.

Netgear has a ICSA certified FW router and DLink has a FW router that suppose to be good. I don't remember the model number for the Dlink.

I would convert that Linksys wire/wireless AP router into a wire/WAP switch and plug in into a used or a new low-end FW appliance that will give you what you want in a solution.

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Mr. Arnold

I use hyperwrt+thibor on my wrt54g. dd-wrt is also very good though a little more complicated. But I think development is more active for dd-wrt then thibor thus you may get faster responses if you find a bug in there. The dd-wrt web site

formatting link
is worth reading even if you don't install the dd-wrt firmware, in particular the wiki. Openwrt I think is the third active developed firmware but it is more to assemble you own set of functions on the router while the other two started from the standard firmware...


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