Semi-OT: Piggybacking a WiFi router onto existing FireWall router?

Started my DSL career with "Don't need no steenking WiFi" so I got a plain old LinkSys BEFSX41 "FireWall Router".

Now I've just replaced my old PDA with a Palm TX and want to dabble in WiFi.

Consequently I ran out and bought a LinkSys WRT54G "Wireless G Broadband Router".

Started out by trying to piggyback it onto the existing firewall router and then somebody who knows about this stuff said I was wasting my time - that the new router would fulfill the firewall function 100% and I should just switch over to that and retire the old router.

Spent about four hours last nite trying to do that, but could not get the new router to allow my PC to talk to the ISP.

Since I live and die by my internet connection, I reverted to plan "A" - trying to piggyback the new router.

This at least keeps me connected...

So far, I can ping both routers from the PC and I can get the TX to connect to the new router under WEP.

What's missing is that the TX cannot get an address name like "

formatting link

- which is pingable from the PC.

Seems like it sb some little parm that I'm setting wrong somewhere.

Anybody been here?

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Per (PeteCresswell):

The WiFi router's DSN list is the same as the FireWall's and I've tried explicit DSN addresses in the TX's setup.

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