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Looking for opinions, good or bad about the Sonicwall TZ 170 wireless router/firewall. Have a small-business client with 8 workstations and a couple of wireless laptops where this certainly "looks" like a good fit from what I've read. Have also talked with sales at Sonicwall and browsed their moderated forums plus a lot of googling. Have not found any real negatives but that's why I'm asking here too.....

Ordered the 10 license version with the Gateway AV service and a year of

24/7 tech support and will be installing it - or maybe sending it back - depending on what I hear form some real-world users.

I did due diligence and really could not find a trend of anything negative about it and since it's been around for a couple of years - it seems to be a reasonable choice. Read several forums where the comments about it being difficult to set up (those were expected) to it working as advertised. I'll go thru the learning exercise and eventually get that figured out but I'm more concerned with bugs or other design anomalies like it reboots, shut's down the net, goes buh-bye for unknown reasons......???

The UTM feature is a real plus in this network since I can take off the anti-virus software running on each workstation (no floppies) and hopefully gain a small margin of speed for each. I expect a small hit on the internet access due to the Gateway service but is it a noticeable hit on cable-modem (2Mb/s) service?

One other related question. Anyone found a repeater that will work with it - reliably? Have a small office (sheet metal covered room) that will be

100' from the router that I need to install an antenna on the outside of the room and feed some CAT 5 cable to the laptop located in that room. Theoretically any compliant repeater should do the trick but have you got one that you know works? I'll have a clear line of sight to the repeater from the TZ 170 location and the client does not want to run cable. This laptop will also be placed on a cart and rolled around the shop outside that room when needed.

Thanks you for your time and comments,

Bob S.

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So far, we do not have any complaints about the TZ 170 or the TZ 150.

You may be able to save a few bucks and go with the TZ 150 instead if you keep the systems under 20. If you are planning to go over 20, then I would get the 170.


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Thank you but from what I've read the TZ 150 is only good for 10 licenses and was one of the reasons I went with the 170 (10/25 or unlimited). But you indicate that the 150 can be licensed for more than 10. I must have missed that. I doubt we'll go beyond 20 but yes, we will exceed 10 when we setup some guest accounts later.

Appreciate your input.

Bob S.

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