SonicWall Pro 360 questions


I have been doing some research and came across the sonic wall pro 3060

gateway. I'm interested in building a network where I will provide wireless internet support for apartment complexes in a college town.

the sonic wall pro 3060 seems like a very good choice for a gateway (given it virus scanning and user manangment abilities). when looking at other gateways/routers, i don't see as many of the virus and spyware


can someone comment on a "bare bones" solution that can be use in an apartment complex.

important features would be

1) user access control 2) bandwidth control 3) web based control 3( protection from virus etc...

also, i'm having a hard time understanding the difference between the virus and "stateful packet inspection" products that i'm seeing. what are the pro's and con's of the two technologies?


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My understanding of Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) is:

  1. SPI moniters outgoing packets and remembers.
  2. SPI moniters incoming packets and if the incoming packets were not initiated by your own outgoing packets, the incoming packets are Blocked. In other words, a computer out on internet can initiate an attempted connection to your maching but your SPI blocks it. Casey
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Casey Klc

SPI tracks firewall sessions and makes sure any conversations going on are legitimate. SPI generally blocks most older DoS type attacks from getting into your network. Most firewalls do this right down to your crappy $30 jobbies.

What the Pro 3060 offers is IPS/Gateway AV/Gateway Spyware. IPS - looks for attacks specific to applications, ie web servers or email servers. For example if you are running an IIS Web server not fully patched IPS will prevent the many exploits from getting through to your server. Gateway AV will check mail, ftp, http traffic for virus's (however it should always compliment desktop AV, never replace it). Anti-spyware looks for spy/adware and blocks it.

The Pro 3060 will do want you want pretty well, however make sure you check out the Enhanced OS which you will need, and ViewPoint reporting.

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