MVTSPRO 1.6.1 Professional Installation and Consulting for Setup - Training *

  • MVTSPro - Professional Installation and Consulting for Setup - Training *

Flexible solution for carrier-grade VolP traffic management MVTS Pro - the next generation Class 4 softswitch with session border controller functionality, delivering ultra-high performance and geographically distributed architecture.

Competitive edges of MVTS Pro: ? Up to 1000 cps per traffic entry point ? Multi-level redundancy schemes, including geographic redundancy ? Geographically distributed architecture: one switch may cover all your needs ? Very flexible routing, including quality-based routing and possibility to create different routing formulas for different customers ? High level of integration into the existing network infrastructure ? Ease of maintenance and configuration ? Disconnect code mapping ? Advanced debugging tools ? SIP H.323 and codec conversion

Being a key element of the VolP network, MVTS Pro functions as a:

? SIP-H.323 signaling proxy ? SIP-registrar ? H.323 RAS endpoint ? H.323 Gatekeeper ? RADIUS NAS port

MVTS Pro is a flexible solution that easily integrates into the existing network. A RADIUS API allows interaction with third-party billing and routi ng systems.

Built-in and external routing: MVTS Pro can perform in two modes: using its internal routing mechanisms, o r relying on third-party routing and billing systems connected over RADIUS (external routing)_ Built-in routing mechanisms allow a variety of routing policies based on lo ts of different static and performance parameters: ? Destination or Source numbers ? Manual priority ? Quality parameters, like ASR and ACD ? Gateway!route capacity ? Load balancing options ? Gatekeeper and SIP-registrar functionality ? Disconnect code received from terminator ? Time of day, day of week, day of month, etc.

Seamless interoperability:

The solution supports kernel level SIP/H.323 translation and performs any-t o-any codec conversion, which guarantees excellent quality of service and seamless conn ectivity with partner and corporate networks.

Flexible approach to proxy mode:

MVTS Pro serves as a single entry point on the carrier"s network and allows flexible choice of the necessary proxy mode for individual gateways and destinations , increasing the system's throughput and minimizing bandwidth management, while ensuring topology hiding for specific termination partners. Number transformation helps meet various peering partner numbering plan requirements. MVTS Pro allows number transformation both for Source and Des tination numbers at different stages before, during and after the routing process. Gatekeeper and SIP-registrar functionality enables carriers to register ind ividual endpoints and gateways, allowing to interact with partner networks built ar ound broad range of equipment, and simplifying testing and debugging. MVTS Pro can fun ction either as a Gateway, or as a Gatekeeper/SIP registrar depending on the peer ing network architecture.

Load balancing: MVTS Pro allows to balance the traffic among various termination options us ing sequential distribution or based on the current route load.

Operation and QoS analysis:

MERA solutions provide carriers with elaborate analysis tools enabling netw ork control and resolution of most of quality-related issues. MVTS Pro allows the syste m operator to view call statistics by originators, dial peers, terminating equipment, gat eways or destinations and detect performance degradation, thereby providing service level agreement (SLA) assurance. MVTS Pro enables remote monitoring of the system operation over SNMP.

MVTS Pro Redundancy MVTS Pro modular architecture allows various redundancy schemes and ensures top-level fault-tolerance due to dynamic re-distribution of traffic load among healthy system components.

Carrier-to-Carrier - Carrier-to Enterprise Interoperability

? SIP/H.323 conversion ? Conversion of media-codecs (G.729,G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, G.711mU-L aw, GSM FR, Speex, iLBC)

Supported Protocols:

? SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261) ? H.323 v.2 and later (including H.245 v.7, H.225 v.4) ? T.38 ? SNMP v.1, v. 2, v.3 (statistics) ? RADIUS authentication Network Security ? NAT/Firewall traversal ? Network topology hiding

Statistics and network analysis

? Real-time monitoring of ASR, ACD, QoS, etc. ? Statistics monitoring of selected gateways/ routes ? CDR-based call analysis ? T.38 fax pass-through ? Protocol normalization to ensure seam less interoperabiIity ? RADIUS authorization ? RADIUS accounting (Attribute 44 and VSA) ? RADIUS routing ? ENUM ? Caller authentication by IP address or login and password based on: ? Data stored in the DB ? Data received from RADIUS servers ? Handy CDR search and display capabilities ? Automated log file management: (archiving, file size and file rotation control)

Call Detail Records (CDRs)

? Single point for CDR collection ? Exhaustive number of fields allowing detailed call analysis and prelimi nary debugging (Call 10, Disconnect Codes, Connect Time, Elapsed Time, code cs used, etc.) ? All relevant call details ensuring flexibility of billing on third-part y solutions ? RADIUS API for integration with thirdparty billing/routing systems ? Cisco VSA compliant call data ? User authorization in billing system based on data provided by MVTS Pro

H.323 Gatekeeper Functionality

? Zone management ? RAS-user registration (end-point and other equipment) ? ARQ/LRQ interaction with other networks

Number Transformation

? Regexp-based number modification patterns and rules ? Calling/called party number transformation as required by partner carri ers ? Calling party number disguise ? Differentiated number transformation for the purposes of billing and ro uting

Configuration and Control Tools

? Web-interface for remote system monitoring and control ? Direct database configuration as a back up option ? Traffic switch administration console (CLI)

Operating System

? Debian GNU



System Capacity

? New calls per second (CPS): ? unlimited (up to 1000 cps per 1 traffic entry point)

? Concurrent calls:

? up to 60,000 under H.323 ? up to 40,000 under SIP ? New registrations per second: ? up to 1,000

  • Software Upgrade, capacity upgrades , database problems , technical suppo rt , Training , available *

We provide full installation, at some extra fee you can order tech support, configuration of your system per your requirements. We can do updates for you after Mera releases the new version with some few update fees Affordable prices, quick problem resolving, professional attitude!

You can contact me via email or msn : mera2solutions (@) Skype : mera2solutions

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