Sonicwall PRO 3060 VPN not Connecting to internet

I have a sonicwall Pro 3060 and have setup vpn for this.

I am using the sonicwall global vpn client the client connect and then will access all internal addresses on the lan but when trying to access internet websites this fails.

I have allowed split tunnels but this is not working either.

has any one else had this issue / able to resolve

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Am Fri, 18 Jul 2008 05:40:22 -0700 schrieb SallyBridges:

Bad idea!


where on client side?

Check your dns an default gateway, check the way your packet goes either.


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Burkhard Ott

The sonic wall firewall allows you to configure the sonicwall global vpn client from the actuall firewall

split tunnels is therefore setup on the sonicwall firewall and this automatically pushes to the client

the dns entries when connected are the same as our lan dns entries and these are working

on the lan side the gateway is the main work gateway to the internet and works from office lan but not the vpn client

dns resolves but when attempting to go out on to the internet then a tracertout our ping will time out

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Am Fri, 18 Jul 2008 06:42:02 -0700 schrieb SallyBridges:

ok, but I made the experience sonicwall is crap.

Usually if the tunnel is established you get an valid spd entry and only those packets will be send encrypted (depends on your config)

Sounds like your packet goes through the tunnel, check your phase2 policy.


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Burkhard Ott


Right to solve this then you will need to addin an additional NAT translation - This then magically makes it all work

Configure NAT Policy (Only Needed for WAN GroupVPN) =95 Select NAT Policies =95 Enter Original Source: In this example, Any =95 Enter Translated Source: In this example, WAN Primary IP =95 Enter Original Destination: In this example, Any =95 Enter Translated Destination: In this example, Original =95 Enter Original Service: In this example, Any =95 Enter Translated Service: In this example, Original =95 Enter Inbound Interface: In this example, X1 (note this is your WAN Interface) =95 Enter Outbound Interface: In this example X1 14

The Sonic wall documentation is available from here

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