SonicWALL certification?

Hello All! Anyone who knows the details about SonicWALL cerified security administrator test? Such as how much it takes? How long? How many questions? And how to prepare? Thanks!

Sincerely, Ben

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Benny Van
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You may wish to investigate the SonicWall Forums:

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as well as

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Brad Reese on Cisco Network World Magazine Cisco Subnet

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The test is via the website and can be taken anywhere that has internet access, It is 100 questions (i think cant remember correctly) in 2 parts once you finish a part you cannot return to it but while in each part you can return/review any questions. I think the time was

100 minutes (again was a while ago) and for preperation get to know sonicwall models, how firewalls work etc and the sonicwall vpn (how vpns work ad what they use protocol wise etc)

It is fairly easy - after all i passed.

Best of luck Phil

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