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Many firewalls are basing there cost and level of service on "Connections per Second" (C.P.S.). I was wondering if anyone else has determined how many C.P.S. they are using and how they determined it. I can look at all kinds of stats but I don't believe I have ever seen C.P.S. shown as a stat. One firewall we're looking at can handle

6,000 another 32,000 C.P.S. It's a big jump in money to go from one to the other. I get about 5-7,000 visitors to our inhouse hosted web site and have about 50 users. I know that a single user generates muliple connections. I just don't know how I would determine how much capacity I need. Money is an object and that's why I'm considering the lower model.

Thanks for your help.

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If money is an important variable, why are you considering Sonicwall in the first place?

Why don't you have a look at ZyXEL or Hotbrick?


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And, then, don't forget to use Froogle fo tind the lowest cost reseller:
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What is your budget for a firewall? Are you just looking for the cheapest thing, or are you looking for the best value for the money? Are you married to Sonicwalls or are you consider other solutions?

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I've had no problem with several hundred Internet hungry people behind a Sonicwall model 2040 before. I think a TZ170 may even be able to handle 50 people just fine, provided you get a good license.


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