Sonicwall 2040 series gateway for AV protection thoughts? Opinions?

We currently use TrendMicro AV protection on all the workstations, which works rather well..

Exchange 2007.. we are testing out GFI mail security.. as there doesnt seem to be alot of options out there for Exchange 2007.. (thoughts here?)...

We have the 2040 series gateway, i noticed it had AV abilities for an extra fee.. Anyone know anything about them or how good they are compared to others? I'm guessing there is still a workstation or server client to be installed?

Thanks in advance...

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Am Fri, 07 Mar 2008 09:17:31 -0800 schrieb markm75:

Bad idea, it will slow down your connection. You do better with a avclient on every workstation and control the clients via a server.


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Burkhard Ott

No, you're better off with both for protecting your network, email, and workstations.

You want your email scanned before it reaches your exchange server, the firewall or a third party tool can do this very well, and considering the speed at which email operates, it's not even something you will notice.

You MUST KEEP AV ON WORKSTATIONS AND SERVERS, the gateway AV protection is not good enough to do it all, and you don't want to take it off your systems because there are more injection points than the Gateway can protect you from.

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