Re: Checkpoint FW-1 and linux Freeswan VPN problem

I have check rules on both sides, all is ok but when i tried to ping the

>public ip address of the linux freeswan it seems that checkpoint is trying >to build a vpn to reach this >public IP address so the ping are lost... >

Have you checked your Implicit Rules for the enforcement module? By default Checkpoint disables ICMP traffic through the firewall and must be enabled.


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Dave Gresham
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Brian Chase

Well apparently it is not that, first because the remote network can reach our network and because i have set a rule that permit local hosts to send icmp request.

I just don't see why the checkpoint try to rebuild a second vpn when i try to ping the remote firewall public address, is it something to see why this public address is routed through the vpn and not through the internet interface ?

Thanx for your help


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The simplest explanation is that CP does as its policy database states, i.e. all traffic to the public address goes through a VPN. Since ICMP doesn't match any existing SA for TCP or UDP, CP tries to create a new one.

Check once more the rule base. I'm not familiar with the details of CP user interface, but if the rule to VPN all packets comes before a rule that passes ICMP, the former rule probably overrules the latter...

-- Lassi

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