Could anyone give an idea on doing a project in developing a Firewall and details regarding the ideas. Shiva.

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Fair enough question, but really too vague to answer. What do you mean by "project in developing a Firewall"? You want an example of a what could be a subtask? Like IDS, port binding, stateful inspection, pattern analysis, and allow/deny rule parsing?

No, that's not fair. You're asking others to do your job for you, without pay.

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Arthur Hagen

KerioKlone aims to be Windows 95/98/XP/2000 rule based firewall written in C/C++ with similar design and simplicity to but an improvement of Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15, a phased out closed source product. Note: This is not an official Kerio project!


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nothing there yet) And
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discussion on the project. Very early yet.)

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"Crash" Dummy

Read for example the sourcecode of

- the Linux kernel and all the iptables stuff

- squid

- dante

- snort etc.


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