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Hi , We are developing a project under our university course. We are novice in communication engineering.We developed a web site & we want to deploy the updates of that websites to our client. To deploy updates we provide hand held embedded device to clients. We assume that all our clients are within 1.5 km range. Currently we have an ebox2300. We think that we use this device to receive updates from website through GSM network (mobile phone network)& then updates will be deployed to hand held devices through WI-FI network. That is, ebox 2300 is connected to GSM network & local WI-FI network . We want to know whether doing all these is possible using ebox and if not what changes need to be made to ebox?

Which IEEE standard for WI FI can we use to cover range of

1.5km ?Is it possible to use IEEE802.11 b for this? What type of WI FI transceiver can be used for Hand Held end device here? Remember that cost is a great factor in this project. Please give necessary information & links.

Thanks in advance Babu

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"babu" hath wroth:

Dhaka, Bangladesh?

School projects are normally not appropriate questions for usenet newsgroups. You are expected to do your own research, your own project proposals, and do your own learning. If you're having problems with some specific aspect of your project, of course we can try to help. However, it appears that you're asking us to plan your project topology, which is not appropriate.

Radio range is determined by the local topography. If there is a mountain or building in the way, radio will not go through it. 1.5km radius is a substantial amount of coverage area that cannot be easily serviced by a single central radio.

That's a VESA mini PC.

Ok, that's easy enough. I assume you have a GSM data modem available.

What wi-fi network? A "network" implies more than one Wi-Fi device.

An ebox2300 is just a computer. Without the associated programming and protocols, it's just a dumb computer. Web updates are normally done with HTTP or FTP protocols. These are transparent on an ethernet network, which some GSM modems, all PC's, all Wi-Fi devices, and some handhelds, support. In effect, if your handheld device can connect to the web server through this system, then data can be moved from one end to the other.

None. You specified that the 1.5Km range is for the GSM network, not the wi-fi network. That's no problem for GSM cellular, but well beyond the approximately 100 meter range of conventional Wi-Fi. If you plan to replace the GSM system with one of your own design, I would look into WiMax (IEEE 802.16) as a suitable but expensive alternative.

No. It's too large an area and too far even with a highly directional antenna on one end (assuming an omnidirectional antenna at the "web server").

That depends on what you have for a hand held device. Many Palm and Windoze Mobile devices (PDA's) include Wi-Fi options.

No. You need to untangle the project definition and define the limitations of the technologies. GSM cellular data is good for a wide area coverage, but has a slow transfer rate. GSM is also VERY expensive to move large amounts of data. Wi-Fi is very fast, but only at very short ranges. How you connect these two is apparently your project and your learning experience.

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