problems using different different FTP port with windows firewall

Hi all. It would be fab if you could help me please!

I need to run 2 ftp sites on the same server (windows server 2003). I've got the first one using port 21, but need the second ftp site to use a different port I think (unless there's a way to get 2 ftp sites working on port 21? binding?).

so, for my second ftp site I am using port 8001. it works ok with my ftp client with the windows firewall off, but when I turn it on and add port 8001 to it my ftp client doesn't want to connect any more.

I've noticed that my ftp client is actually connecting using port 8001 but then switches to an arbiutary port number afterwards when finishing the connection. This port number changes each time, so it's impossible to add it to the windows firewall! I think this is the problem. the windows firewall doesn't support port ranges either (to my knowledge?) so even if I knew a range I couldn't add it to the firewall.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


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In message at 08:08:59 on Thu, 3 Jan 2008, Paul wrote

Which FTP client? I had to make changes to mine when I moved to a different firewall suite

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This probably is because the NAT helper of your firewall does not watch port 8001 for FTP control channel traffic.

Better avoid FTP BTW. There is SFTP.

Yours, VB.

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