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hi i'm having P4 2.4 256MB RAM with Win XP SP-2 Pro installed. i'm using 256 kbps connection using adsl2+ router SmartAX MT882 ADSL Router from Huawei, china

its having NAT & built in firewall.,,, i'm also using Win XP Firewall to protect my pc..

i want to know how to use port forwarding & how to open port on router so that i can establish connection, also i didn't understand the UDP & TCP, what is it all about? i want to open port for radmin connection...

also, how to know that how much secure my pc is from internet... any resource...

i have referred to router manual but i didn't find the information..

Thank you in advance krunal jariwala

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if you want to know what it's about yo're going to be reading fat books, and you probably won't make any practical use of the knowledge unless you take it all even further.

all you need to know to set up port forwarding, is a)what port number radmin server uses b)whether it is UDP or TCP.

Then you find the way to tell your router to open - say - port 1800 TCP. You need to find the place to configure the router.

most home routers run web servers where you can configure them. find the ip of your router. go to command prompt start..run..cmd ipconfig /all see where it says Gateway, that is your Router, see the IP there. Open a browser http://routerip

and try admin:admin for user:pass

and try to configure it. That may or may not work. the technique i mentioned is general and works well. But there's a chance it may not work for you. But you will see help for your specific router , as other posters mentioned.

aside from paying somebody to try to break in. just do an online port scan. (google). AS long as a port is closed or 'shielded', it's fine. If a port is open then you should set your firewall to restrict access.

try contacting support on the manufacturer website. as soon as you get the interface up to configire the router it sohuld be a lot easier. you configure port forwarding from there, there's lots on google too about that.

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The router has a Website Support Knowledge Base and it has a Thec Support person. I suggest you make contact with either one of them. As for opening ports on the XP FW, there are plenty of articles out on Google.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

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Do you mean RDP? This will be port 3389.

Not very secure after opening this port usually.

Yours, VB.

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