Opening up port 443

I have a website that I need to enable https on.

The firewall is already configured for port 80(www), but I just configured it for port 443(https) as well.

The below is the new config with the https line added. I was just wondering(hoping!) that I did it right.

Does anyone see any errors?

Thanks, CMT

Cisco PIX 506e

static (inside,outside) tcp www www netmask 0 0 static (inside,outside) tcp https https netmask 0 0
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What you showed was fine. Note though, that you will also need to edit the access-list you have applied to the outside interface.

show access-group

and find the one marked with 'in interface outside'. The name (or number) after the 'access-group' keyword is the name of the access-list you need to change.

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