Need help with network setup

Here's is our setup :

1 cable modem with 5 ip's hooked into a cisco router provided by the ISP. This is then hooked into a Linksys router that then goes to our switch.

Linksys router is conmfigured with 1 of the 5 static IP's

now I would like to add a second router in order to get to use a second of the ip's that we have, but when I hookup that router to the CISCO router, it casused havoc on our network, some machiens cant access others, some DNS requetss wont go through etc...

Router 1 ip Router 2 gateway machine is

what's the proper way to get this working right ?

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I'm not familiar with the Cisco router you mentioned above, but I'd say the easiest way to get things working right is to remove all routers except one.

Pick your favorite router and connect it to the cable modem. Connect the switch to the router. Connect up to 5 PC's to the switch. Power up the cable modem, wait for it to stabilize, power up the switch followed by the PC's. Done.

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Bill M.

From: "Mike"

| problem is we need 2 routers for 2 ip address and the port redirections | (port 80 has to be redirected to 2 machines). I was thinking of | splitting the network into 2, and having a winxp machine to bridge them | together, hoping that would solve my problem.

You have two static WAN addresses ?

The following is a *better* solution...

The Edimax PermaLink PRI-682 has two WAN ports and performs load balancing.

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You don't want to try to concatenate one LAN with two routers and two WAN addresses. I is just not going to work right. Either you will have to use the Edimax to load balance or have two separate LANs, one for each Router and WAN address.

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