New proxy-friendly streaming service

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A new proxy-friendly streaming service is about to go on line, allowing people to be on the Shoutcast network for far less than what it could cost otherwise, and with pricing similar to Live 365.

Becuase all stations are in the Shoutcast directory. It is fairly easy to get an address to plug into. Bascially, what this service does is plug into your Shoutcast server, and monitors what you play for royalty tracking purposes. Once they found my station in Shoutcast, they would just simply look at the recently played URLs in Winamp, find the URL to my server, and once copied down, simply plug that into Windows Media Player at work (Windows Media can play most streams on the Shoutcast network), and are good to go, no circumvention, no muss, no fuss.

However, someone could look at the list of recently played URLs in Shoutcast, find the URL for my server, jot that down, and then simply plug that in to Windows Media Player when they get to work. Because NONE of my servers are in any filtering lists, the URL for my stream would be blocked, and a user could log in from work. The entrepneurs who just started this service may well have a real winner on their hands. They beleive, as I do, that there is nothing wrong with Internet radio at work, as long as you are getting your work DONE, and want to help stations be able to get past firewalls

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Nomen Nescio
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And in your company has a policy that doesn't permit this kind of abuse, if you follow his instructions your connection will stand out like a flare in a dark sky, showing that you're breaking company policy and possibly getting you fired.

The person "Nomen Nescio" is our slug Chilly from, the Olympic days, advocating the same breaking of company rules.

As a firewall admin for many companies, you will be seen and you will be warned, then disciplined, up to and including discharge, if you are violating your company network policy.

Don't believe the claim of "there is nothing wrong with Internet radio at work, as long as you are getting your work DONE, and want to help stations be able to get past firewalls", that's a lie from a person trying to make money off your willingness to abuse company policy and possibly cost you your job for the sake of HIS PROFIT.

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This has me curious... what is the profit model for services like this? I've not bothered, but is there a web front end somehow where ad revenue comes into play or how's all that work?

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Todd H.

My guess would be connection counts, so that they can claim they have X number of listeners, so that they can make claims as to how many connections might see some ad or other.

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