High profile trial = ADMINS WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

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All you corporate network admins better stock up on the aspirin, you are going to NEED IT.

With the arrest of one figure skater on meth charges, the other day, I think the trial of Nicole Bobeck could well be a high profile trial that will be the WORST NIGHTMARE for corporate network admins, should the judge allow the trial to be webcast.

This would be the first high profile trial since broadband became widespread. And given that keyword searchs under "Nicole Bobeck" are landing people on my site, it is an indication. And I am seeing hits from corporate networks all over the world looking for the latest information.

And since the last really major high profile trial, the OJ simpson murder trial, 15 years ago, methods to conceal what you are doing on the net have advanced quite a bit.

Thanks the ability to set up a VPN on your home computer ( if you have the right kind of broadband), it will be possible to watch the trial (if the trial judge should allow webcasts) with the boss having NO CLUE, as to WHAT you are up to. All they will see is a heavily encrypted connection. The fact that people could easily set up a VPN connection on their home broadband will make it IMPOSSIBLE to detect that someone is watching the trial from work. All the boss will know is that someone is making an encrypted connection to a residential cable or DSL modem.

I am sure the upcoming trial of Nicole Bobeck could result in a MAJOR HEADACHE for corporate network admins, especially if people use VPNs to tune into the trial, as the fact they are watching or listening to the trial could NOT be detected.

Leythos may say otherwise, but there will be no POSSIBLE way to detect that someone is watching the trial from work, once a date is set and the trial begins.

Even the so-called "secure" networks that Leythos touts may not be able to stop a DETERMINED user from watching the trial. The trial WILL be the ULTIMATE test of corporate network filtering products.

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Chilly, name change?

If your network allows outbound VPN to the masses of internal users then it's not secure.

If your network allows unrestricted SSL or HTTP traffic from the internal users then your network is not secure.

A properly secured network does not permit access to unknown sites by any port.

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Smells like it, random all caps words and FUD and all.

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