Netscreen 5GT Extended DMZ setup

Running a Netscreen 5GT Extended mode and want to configure the DMZ. I have a FTP server in the DMZ and it can be accessed from the untrust to the dmz zone no problem after putting a policy and a VIP in place. My problem is I can't get from the DMZ to the Internet. I tried putting a policy in place for DMZ to Untrust allowing anything (for testing) and no go. In the log on the anything policy, I noticed that the source address and translated address are the same and bytes are being sent but not I'm assuming NAT isn't working on the DMZ addresses. Is this a correct assumption? I don't have alot of netscreen knowledge so I can't figure out how or where to resolve this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Nat is enabled by interface OR by policy.

You likely have neither enabled on your DMZ interface and policy.

In the "dmz -> untrust dmz_subnet to any all permit" policy, click on "advanced" and then put a check beside "NAT" and hit ok/ok.

The checkmark circle in the policy list should change from green (permit) to blue (NAT) and you should be fine.

I don't recommend NAT by interface, *ever*. It's implemented less efficiently in the box and prevents you from putting non-NATd traffic through the interface. NAT should be enabled policy by policy as appropriate.


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