Can someone "please" help me with VOIP? This newsgroup?

This is the correct NG right???

I'm using Yahoo's Voice to make/receive phone calls. I would like to 'record' each conversation I have.

I do have the permission of the other people to record these conversations in case you were curious.

I've searched Google for a long time, seem to find the same programs but none of them work right.

I am ABLE to record MY voice during the conversation but the other person's voice doesn't record?

What am I doing wrong? Can someone point me in the right direction? Software? Anything?


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Bob Brown INC.
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Which programs?

You decided to use VOIP. You're the one who wants to record the calls. Keep looking at Yahoo Voice Recorder and try them all. Then, you become the expert at Yahoo Voice and when someone else asks you can share your research.

In order to get an answer, yuo have to find someone who uses Yahoo Voice, and who has recorded VOIP calls, and who reads this NG. I'd try a different forum, perhaps one frequented by Yahoo users.

Carl Navarro

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