Disable masquerading on Zywall?

Hello group,

For some application, we installed a Zywall 35 firewall to protect our servers from the other users on the customer's network. The WAN is, the LAN is 192.168.129/24. is in fact a router which serves on another interface the network.

Now there is one server in the WAN-network, which is, which is a server for clients in The clients are able to connect to this server, but because the Zyxel is masquerading the source-ip address, all packets seem to originate from, the WAN-ip address of the Zyxel. The server application on is identifiying the client by the source-IP address, so here we have a problem.

Rewriting the client-server protocol to use another kind of identifying is not an option.

Is it possible to disable masquerading on the Zywall 35?

The simplified schema: (Zywall 35) (2nd router)

Note: it is already possible for to address individual hosts on

Any hints appreciated Thanks in advance, Hans

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