My DSL-Router is "busy" - highjacked?

It is more likely the configuration is corrupted. Try doing a master reset to factory specs and reconfigure it.

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I just noticed, that I can no longer configure my Robotics 8000 DSL router.

Instead of the usual login screen it just says "busy".

Even if the internet cable is disconnected and all other computers in my LAN are switched off. I suspect, that with the help of some trojan or spyware a modified software has been loaded into it.

What could I do ?



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If a reset doesn't get it back to normal, it's probably defective. My D-Link died after 2 years of use (the typical life expectancy of D-Link's entry-level NAT routers). Any computer connected to it, even if the WAN-side wasn't connected to the cable modem, would result is a high-rate flashing of the port's LED. The Link status in the OS kept changing from connected and not connected. Resetting it many times and in different ways didn't help. Replacing it fixed the problem. I've seen 5 D-Links die in the last 4 years and all were around a few months plus or minus of 2 years. I think they have an overheating problem because the vents are too restricted. First just bypass the NAT router altogether and just connect your computer directly the DSL modem to make sure all that works okay.

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Thanks for all your replies. In fact resetting it by power down cured the problem. I should have tried that first, because that cures most problems with microprocessor equipment.

The internet connection was OK all the time and that made me suspicious after having detected several trojan infections.

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