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I am thinking of getting some Sipura SPA-3000 VOIP adapters to connect my remote offices together. I want to put two of these units at my main office, so that I have enough lines for the incoming traffic.

My question: If I have an incoming VOIP call to one of the units, which is busy, is there any way to automatically have the call forwarded to the second Sipura unit?


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Mike Schumann
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Definitely possible if you use some smart SIP server, e.g. PortaSwitch

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It has "follow-me" feature, so you can manage a list of numbers for forward the call to if your SIP phone is busy, not answering, offline, ...

WBR, Andrew

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Andrew Zhilenko

The down side of SIP as you will need a SIP proxy to do a lot of feaures like that. For a simple solution maybe look at H323 devices such as

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where most have roller over feature where you can send it to another unit if that one is busy and you dont have to worry bout the SIP proxy.


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