'Busy Signals' from other then the called number being busy

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When you get a 'busy signal' from a VOIP call, have any of you checked to determine if the called number is actually in use?

At first I thought my VOIP provider was working flawless. When I got a busy signal I just assumed the number I was calling was busy. Then it started dawning on me that some of these numbers should never be busy. If they're in use, they trip to voice mail.

Now when I get a busy signal, I try the number using my POTS line. If it rings and if I'm not in a hurry, I hang up and hit the re-dial on my voip phone. I'm finding that more then half the busy signals I getting when I use VOIP go thru when I use POTS

Has anyone done this test and if so what have you found ?



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Bob Alan
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Sure. It happens, especially when the voip service provider changes their "security" settings and asterisk no longer can connect. I guess its a good reason one should check the logs more regularly.

A good test (especially if you have a blackbox that give you no logs) is to call your pots line once in a while and see if things are still working.


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

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