McAfee Firewall: Registry, Uninstall/Removal, Local Networks

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Windows XPpro SP2 installs a firewall program that only protects against INCOMING packets. You should see an icon in the taskbar, that allows you to disable this function. After disabling reinstall McAfee and you should be good to go. For more info copy and paste this link in your browser.

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I'm using McAfee Firwall 4.0. I recently installed SP2 for XP Pro and ran into a lot of problems with my local network connection. I pulled the McAfee firewall, but wonder if it really is uninstalled. I ran their registry program to empty the registry of McAfee references. I'm still having a lot of local network problems.

I just did a file search and found a McA menu item, a few directories, and a number of files. I tried run regedit and entered mcafee as a search argument and got probably a thousand hits, but the 6 or so I examined did not have mcafee in their keys or values. What's up with regedit? What do I need to do to remove the remainder of programs and files? See next paragraph.

Let me mention that when I applied the scheme provided by McA to remove their product, I mistakenly ran their registry removal program out of order. I was supposed to uninstall first, then run it. I did the opposite, and then ran the reg removal program a second time after realizing what I did wrong.

The McA firewall program no longer exists under Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

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I wish I could be that optimistic! I've been trying to get this operating for about a week. I've made zero progress.

McAfee has the screwiest support. I can't chat with them on this computer because of some deficiency introduced by the SP2 install. Possibly a pop-up problem according to their web site. When I use one of the other 2 computers I have, a chat session invariably ends before they comprehend the problem. They are much too anxious to get to the next person. When I e-mail them, they invariably answer none of my questions or pick one that strikes their fancy. Usually one that has something to do with upgrading.

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