Fake "Antivirus scan" removal

Beware of fake antivirus scan alert!!! Antivirus Scan is a new clone of the fake antivirus programs like Internet Antivirus 2011 and the fake program Antivirus Action. Antivirus Scan moved to random computers via the downloader trojans that install this malware on to computers over internet. Antivirus Scan virus also uses the trick to scare user by telling the user that his computer is at risk. your computer is infected by viruses and needs a Antivirus-Scan scan. Once an innocent internet user is frightened of Antivirus-Scan alert and he wants the Antivirus-Scan to remove viruses from his computer, then the Antivirus Scan will ask the user to pay for the license of Antivirus Scan to get rid of viruses. thats the goal of this fake Antivirus Scan program.

Source: Antivirus scan removal tuotorial.

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Removal tools (or instructions for manual removal) are no solution to an infection, particularly not with malware that may download more malware or may give an attacker remote access. One can never be sure what else was modified on the system and thus can never be certain that the malware was removed entirely.


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