Looking for firewall/proxy alternatives

For my home based office, I currently use a seperate PC running Ositis Winproxy and Black Ice Defender. The PC has two NIC's, one for the LAN, and one for the Internet connection. The solution has worked pretty well for years. The downside is that I constantly have a PC running, just for this purpose, which is wasteful. I have small problems like not all IM features work. And the PC running this config is getting old.

I'd like to replace this solution with something simpler.

Can anyone recommend a router based solution that will be as secure as what I have now, and is easy to configure? I want to secure the LAN from virii, SPAM, attacks as I can now. And I'd like to be able to have the LAN have access to the Internet, and be able to put a server on the router that can be accessed from the Internet for services like Sharepoint.

Is a router the way to go? Is it as secure?


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If a packet filter is with the router, then it's helping.

It will be as secure as your filtering configuration is.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

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(then choose m0n0wall). Takes some effort to install, but after it's running, it works like charm.


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Peter Boosten

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