linksys befsx41 firewall can block only 4 domains?

I have a linksys BEFSX41 router/firewall.

There is an access restriction feature that allows me to set up a policy to block access based on time of day, LAN IP address, WAN IP/domain, etc.

There are a total of 10 policies slots.

However, I found that only 1 policy is active at a time. After I set up policy #1, no matter what I do in policy #2, it does not work. But as soon as I delete policy #1, then policy #2 becomes effective.

Has anyone see this before? I wonder if it's a bug, a feature, or if I'm doing something wrong.

The problem with "one policy at a time" is I can only block 4 domains, because each policy only has 4 slots for domains. Being able to block 40 domains is hardly enough, 4 is a joke.

BTW, is there any consumer firewall appliance that allows the user to block more than 1000 domains without slowing the firewall throughput to a crawl?

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You are looking at it wrong, you need a firewall with a web content filter that blocks or approves based on a content type. Many firewalls (not those NAT boxes) provide either a subscription service or other means to allow you to block or approve many categories of content.

Even a WatchGuard SOHO unit can we what they call WebBlocker service.

You could also setup a PC with one of those types of services and gateway through it and block that way.

Another method might be to enable content checking in IE and then password it - so that you only allow sites based on what you setup in IE.

There is one last method - blocking using HOST files - you setup a HOST file to point to for all the domains you don't want them to access.

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I have more than one computer, so having one central block list is easier to manage than one per computer. Also, if my computer ever gets infected by spyware, they could disable the HOSTS file blocking method -- I've seen it happen on a friend's computer.

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