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What would you consider to be the best firewall appliance for the home user in the $400 or less range?

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I would pick a WatchGuard X15, MFG#: WG40015

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These units, the low end, have a limited number of IP's on the LAN side that they will allow connections from - 30 for the X15 - meaning you can't have more than 30 devices accessing the X15 or they will be blocked.

If you want something with firewall features, but, you want unlimited IP/devices, I would suggest the D-Link DFL-700.

Now, I can't really spec something because you've not stated what you do as a home user, so I'm going to assume you don't have any public facing servers.

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I have a X5W and it has all the options you need in a firewall. Mine is wireless which my son uses. It has an optional network that I use for the wireless connections and it has no access to the trusted network so you don't have to worry about your trusted network. The wireless is as secure as you can get for a wireless connection. Good Luck. You can't go wrong with Watchguard appliances.

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