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Anyone know how to block MSN for some users only ? Need to let some company staff use MSN. Using watchguard firewall. I can block the logging server IP's but that blocks everyone from signing in. Any clues ?? Thank you,

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I have not idea what "watchdog" firewall is. But, the only way I can think of is get the IP address of the people you do not want to allow through and deny IP access and allow everyone else. Or if they are using XP, you can do the same on their PCs...Or you could put everyone you do not want to allow access on a VLAN and block by VLAN membership. wrote:

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Michael J. Pelletier

Blocking MSN is as easy as determining the logon servers and entering them in the block-list. WatchGuard is a commercial firewall appliance.

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Throw out your hardware firewall and put an ICS/ NAT box like I have, then have an unfiltered Socks proxy that is password protected. Those that need MSN can simply login to the unfiltered proxy and access MSN through that. That will solve the problem.

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Charles Newman

He should have just created a rule that allows user in IP Range X to have access, and users in IP Range Y no access. Another method would be to setup a WG User for those that need different access rights, let them authenticate, then apply different rules to that User group in the WG Firewall.

That's about as stupid as it gets - throw out the firewall appliance! The OP just doesn't understand how to setup rules/security, the same thing you suggest is already built into the Firewall he already has.

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