Bypass MAC filtering? My Fault

I don't high speed internet right now. I have dial up. So I was using my neighbors router for high speed with my wireless USB adapter. (NETGEAR MA11 Version 1)

I went into router config and enabled MAC filtering without adding my PC to the list. Now I can't connect.

There was no PC's on the list anyway so no wireless PC can connect. And I can't change my MAC to an allowed MAC because there are no allowed PC's.

The only thing to do would be to reset my neighbors router or they change the setting.

Considering they didn't know I was using it I can't do anything?

What can I do?

My adapter uses prism chipset.

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Why would you want to use your neighbor's Internet access without them knowing about it?

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Wait for them to reset it, which obviously they will have to do. Just start up a conversation and quietly introduce computers. As soon as they mention their problem tell them how to reset their router. No doubt they won't know, or they would have some level of security enabled. Then if you tell them no more than that you will both be able to use it again. Don't repeat the mistake..

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I would love to hear the reasoning behind this. :-)

Well...if the MAC filter applies to the wired clients as well, they'll figure it out pretty quickly. At which point they'll do one of a few things:

  1. Reset the router to its defaults and leave things as they were.
  2. Buy a new router because the "old one failed".
  3. (possibly) Set up the old router post-reset or install the new one with some security enabled at this point.

I suppose you could try for the honest approach, but they may not be pleased at all. It's hard to tell given that they weren't too concerned about securing it in the first place. Or you could do as another poster suggested and kind of work your way into a conversation about computers and routers. If the conversation goes on, you can see if they're willing to let you "fix" the router.

Or you can get your own broadband 'net service. Prices have come down in many places.


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William R. Walsh

"William R. Walsh" hath wroth:

Nope. The MAC filters only apply to wireless clients on most bottom to the line routers. They won't notice.

Well, it the neighbor is using wireless clients, there will be connectivity problems. So, they hire an overpriced computer expert (like me), who will sell them all new hardware, charge them for "fixing" the problem, which will probably involve resetting the router to defaults. When Mr BKCK017 shows up to play helpful hero, he'll probably get presented with a substantial bill.

I'm usually partial to the honest approach, but there are exceptions. For example, if the owner is gun toteing homicidal maniac, methinks honesty might be a bad idea.

As I mentioned, that has to be done BEFORE they spend a fortune fixing Mr BKCK017 dumb mistake.

That's too easy and no fun. Actually, it's fairly easy to work around the problem with MAC spoofing, but I don't want to make things worse.

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Jeff Liebermann

That was pretty selfish of you - trying to disable your neighbors router so nobody else could steal internet access from him.

How did you think you were going to add his devices, anyway?


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Serendipitious justice if you ask me. You locked yourself out of a network you were trying to use without permission. And now you come here asking what you can do? Stay out of your neighbor's router admin page. That's what. Get your own access. It's one thing to use a neighbor as an occassional hot spot. It's another thing entirely to try and configure their router.

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