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We are planing to setup a networkwhich will have a domain controller, file server, ftp server, and VPN server. From remote location people will be acessing the server through means of VPN server. for restricting unsolicated incomming traffic we are using firewall which will allowve only the trusted ip address. but now the quary is ow i can block the hackers, and how can i secure my network in a better way

Thanks SMaRK Technologies

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Am Mon, 03 Mar 2008 07:28:09 -0800 schrieb smarktechnologies:

click the option called 'hackers keep out', so now you are save

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Burkhard Ott

Hard question to answer for free via usenet. A consultant with a clue about security is probably your best bet. Security isn't a product, it isn't a network architecture, it's a process.

Elements the answer will include are configuration of your perimeter, domain policies, VPN configuration, how you ensure that remote workers don't cheerfully connected malware infected machines to your LAN with their VPN clients, IDS for auditing, and many others...

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