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I have a D-Link DI604 router with a cable plugged into the WAN slot for my internet access and a cable plugged into one of the LAN ports for my local computer.

Now I want to add a Linksys wireless G access point so I can hook up a computer in another room. When I plug the Linksys WAP54G into a router LAN port and then run the setup software, I get a "network card error, please check your network connection"

Do I have the right hardware for a home network? Am I setting this up right? Sorry I am a total newb to this and have read some info, but still don't get it.


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Yes, you have the right equipment and have plugged the WAP into a LAN port on the router. What's wrong? I don't know.

If you don't get explicit instructions here, then get on the phone with Linksys. For something like this, they should be able to get you going.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Thanks Duane. I was afraid someone was going to post that DLink and Linksys don't play well together :-(

I went to Linksys chat (yay, what a nice feature) and we couldn't figure it out.

I took the stuff home and winXP couldn't detect it at first, but then voila it worked. Then I noticed I started to get messages about the connection not working occasionally. I checked the cables and it appears that the port on the back of the WAP doesn't seat the cable nicely (the cable can jiggle from side to side even after it "snaps" in place. It may be I had a bad connection on the Win98 computer and it didn't know how to properly report the error.

I'm going to try it one more time tomorrow on the Win98 computer.

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I'm still trying to work out this situation. I'm pretty sure it's come down to settings on either the router or access point. (When I plug the access point directly into the back of the computer, I can access its control panel.

Linksys tends to put me on indefinite hold. I haven't heard back from DLink yet.

Unfortunately, I am so new to this that I could probably change settings for weeks and not connect. Help, please!

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