how to setup test vpn for learning

I have seen vpn diagram like


Here and are real ip.

i need internet to test my vpn connection .

I want to simulte that in my home connection .


can anyone tell me how do i need to setup . What ip i need to give on those eth1 interface ? Without giving same serise ip like and /24 on eth1 i can not connect 2 pcs .. Who to design the test network with ips (we have 4 pc)?

Please help me.

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Hi, Assuming these are vpn boxes with a wan and lan eth port then it should all work fine with the 2 wan ports on the same subnet like then the subnets on the lan side natted to the wan address. Make sure the 2 lan subnets are different of course. Might help if you told us what the routers were. simon
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