Fortigate 60 and PPPoE DSL

I just set up a Fortigate 60 running the latest of 2.80 at a clients site, I set it up specifically for it's dual wan support and failover, however it has defaulted to using the PPPoE DSL link, instead of the static cable modem. Any documentation I can find about setting up load balancing or failover on this box is limited to pretty much saying "the PPPoE becomes the default route" and really not giving a guide on how to go in and change the priority of the interface.

Ideally I would want it to accept all PPTP vpn traffic from remote clients on the wan2 port, and move everything else over to the cable modem on the wan1 port. Any pointers for guides or walk throughs would be great, I have been combing through the Fortinet documentation, and I haven't found a clear cut way of making a dafult route policy that works (I am now off site, so I can't risk killing my connection to the unit over the wan2 link either).



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Make sure the default route you added for the other interface has the same weight as the PPPoE default route (0) and then add policy routes (source routes) for tcp and udp traffic out the other interface and for PPTP traffic out the PPPoE interface. Policy routes take effect before static routes.


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