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I am trying to get my Symantec pcanywhere to work, and I think the firewall is preventing it. How can I see if ANY firewall is currectly running. I think my router may also have firewall, and I want to stop that too.

From what I hear, you can tell the firewall to listen for pcAnywhere, but I also want to be able to disbale it. I am running XP and WIN2000


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If you're trying to use PCAW to remote control machines on your LAN, the router is not going to be interfering on LAN connections on the computers. However, if you're trying to access a machine on your LAN that has PCAW from a machine over the Internet A WAN from a remote site, the you have to open the required inbound ports on the router by using port forwarding -- keep the machine out of the DMZ.

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Now for the personal FW solutions, it would be the same kind of thing as port forwarding above where you would have to set rules for the inbound ports that PCAW uses with the rules set on the PFW(s) from the LAN IP(s) that the computers have been assigned. And if the connection to the machine was due to port fording the PCAW inbound port to a LAN IP/machine behind the router, the PFW rules would have to be set to open the required inbound port to the remote Internet IP the outer machine is using.

You can find the required inbound ports for PCAW through its user manual or you can search Google.

You disable port forwarding on the router for the port and that closes the port for the PCAW Internet connection with a remote computer. On two machines on the LAN using the PFW solution, you disable the rules for the port.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

This is not a good idea usually.

And this is better.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

How are you trying to use it? Between two systems on the LAN, or from a remote system over the internet?

Over the net, you would have to forward ports on the router (5631 & 5632).

If it is two systems on the LAN, the router shouldn't matter. You can get at the Windows firewall settings via the Security Center.

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