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Which firewall distros or devices are strong in controlling (shaping) or even denying torrent traffic?

We don't want to spend thousands of dollars, but we are ready to pay a reasonable amount :-)

rgds geir

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that's kinda a hard topic, but we'll focus on almost eliminating it here:

you could block the common listening ports of bittorrent 6969, ...

but that's kinda useless unless you have big clueless seeders and you don't do any incoming filtering whatsoever (you drop everything not initiated from your network by default don't you ? )

bt starts many TCP connections from different/random high ports to actually download data. (see if you can find something that let you define rules like if nr of new connects per 10 seconds >= 50 then drop them - iptables, ipfw and pf can do this)

imho another good solution would be to block the trackers hint: most of them end with a announce in the URL (you probably need a good proxy for that, and some hw firewalls can also do application layer filtering), all that's left then is DHT and trackerless torrenting but the network overhead of that is practically ignoreable compared to torrenting with trackers, you'll have to do some research into that as well if you want to disable it completely as well

greetings and good luck

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