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I use the firewall stand alone without any AV scanning or content managing features, works fine. I have email scanning disabled.

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Bart Bailey
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Hello List

OS=Win98se fully patched x15

This might not be the correct list to post to but any help would be appreciated

I have a problem with CA's EZ Armour Version 3 package of AV + Firewall, the firewall appears to be some form of Zonealarm's product. The package purports to offer an integrated approach to virus detection/elimination/Firewall with the automatic quarantine of specific file types that may be sent through the firewall as attachments to emails (by altering the file type from say *.exe to *.Z07). This function is configured through the firewall control panel & offers a template of the usual file type offenders & the means to add additional file types as you see fit.

Here's the crunch :-

If you run the firewall on its own (without e-mail protection on {in & out}) it works as well as any other software firewall & stops the net nasties, if you engage the e-mail protection, it will not quarantine and allows whatever file type to pass, it appears to suffer a considerable performance drop while keeping the net nasties at bay.

If you disable the real time protection in the AV part of the product & engage the file type quarantine in the firewall it work's, registers the file's quarantine in the FW control panel and changes the file extn to

*.Z?? as expected.

This may be an example of Firewall vendors jumping on the AV bandwagon & visa versa and with this marriage, all is not well.

The AV works well on the fly and identifys correctly infected mail attachments, I have no quibble with this.

For comparison I loaded the same product on another mchn with XP pro sp2 and it works out of the box, no probs.

We cant upgrade at the moment the OS of these Mchns to XP for operational reasons.

Has anyone else had this problem, if so, how did you deal with it.

thanks Foxy

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